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Our goal is to provide our customers with convenient, fee-based financial services with most reasonable fees combined with excellent customer service.

With Bay State Check we assure you get the best customer service.

Bay State Check Express has been serving the MA & RI region for over 9 years. We make it convenient for our customers to get their money immediately without delay. Most banks will hold a payroll check for up to two weeks making it aggravating for a person to get their money when they need it. In our case there is No hold, no ridiculous fees and no Hassle.

We also accept any and all bill payment types making it convenient for our customers to pay their utility bills. If you receive a SHUT OFF NOTICE from national grid, or they have already shut you off, pay the due amount with us and get your utilities turned on that same day.

We establish relationships with our customers, the companies they work for and the companies they pay their bills to, making lives easier on a daily basis. Want to send or receive money via Western Union? No worries we have that covered too. You can send or receive money in minutes with our Western Union electronic money transfer centers. We want to make your life easier.