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Types of checks we cash

  • Payroll Checks
  • State Checks
  • Government Checks
  • Insurance Settlement Checks
  • Income Tax Checks
  • Lawyers’ Checks
  • Union Checks
  • 401K & Pension Checks
  • Lottery Winnings

Bill Payments:

You need a Valid ID, this includes:

Driver License, State IDs, Passport, School IDs, Birth Certificate, SS Card,

Please bring pay stub for first time customers

Please bring contact information for insurance checks to avoid delay in processing your check.


The current check cashing rate for payroll checks is 2%: a typical example would be $2.00 for a $100.00 check We have no limit on the dollar amount of checks we can cash.

Check Cashing: Why cash your checks with us? Many banks require many forms of id as well as credit card information to complete certain transactions. If the customer doesn’t have a bank account and the company they work for has an out of state account with a random bank they sometimes wont even be able to cash their check without our service. We on the other hand develop a relationship with our customers through our advanced check cashing system with individual customer profiles…! This makes it very easy for the customer to cash their check with us.

This avoids making the customer hold the check against an account for up to 2 weeks and even sometimes a full month. We insure our customers that their check or checks will clear immediately as we work with the banks to make sure the funds are available on the spot… WE DO NOT CASH PERSONAL CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS AS OUR SYSTEM WILL NOT PROCESS THEM….! In a case where the check comes back to us due to insufficient funds it is then our job to contact the customer or the customer’s employer to make sure the funds are replaced in a timely manner.

Bill Payments: We accept any and all bill payment types. You must pay cash for your bill or bills as our system will not allow a credit card or a check to process the transaction. This insures that the transaction is problem free and the amount paid will post to the account immediately. This also insures that the customers account will not lapse due to a last minute payment. Some people would prefer to send a check in the mail, but this is time consuming and often times the check can get misplaced in the process, causing the customer unwanted headaches and possible termination of their services.

Western Union Money Transfer: To send or receive money simply fill out the forms located at our center and our reps will do the rest. This makes it very easy for the customer to send or receive money with us. Why use a money transfer? Some people pay their mortgages some people just send money to relatives. Using western union is completely confidential and insures that their money will be available in minutes or next day depending on the service chosen. If you are sending money internationally you have the option of currency conversion insuring that the exchange will be made electronically without involving the bank. Again to insure our customers that the transaction is problem free we only accept cash upon transfer. You can also recharge your prepaid credit cards using our western union pay center. Also if you are sending anything over the amount of $1000.00 you need to provide two forms of identification as required by the patriot act.

MetroPCS Authorized Agent & Bill Center: Unlimit yourself with Metro PCS. We offer all up to date Price plans as well as any phones Metro PCS has to offer. If we don’t have the phone you want in our location we can special order it for you. Plans start at 49.95 for unlimited talk and text and go to 54.95 for unlimited talk, text and web. There is no deposit required good or bad credit accepted. Everyone is approved.

Mass Lottery & Cigarettes: We offer our customers all popular scratch tickets and we have all up to date Mass lottery Terminals in our Attleboro location making it convenient for our customers to play their weekly numbers. We also offer our customers premium cigarettes at the state minimum price.